Signalling networks for stemness and tumorigenesis

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20.    N. Pietrancosta, A. Moumen, R. Dono, P. Lingor, V. Planchamp, F. Lamballe, M. Bähr, J.L. Kraus, and Maina F. Imino-tetrahydro-benzothiazole derivatives as p53 inhibitors : discovery of a highly potent in vivo inhibitor and its action mechanism. J. Med. Chem. 49: 3645-52 (2006)

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18.    G. Pante, J. Thompson, F. Lamballe, T. Iwata, F.A. Barr, A.M. Davies, F. Maina and R. Klein. Mitogen-inducible-gene-6 is an endogenous inhibitor of HGF/Met-induced cell migration and neurite growth. J. Cell Biol. 171 (2):337-48 (2005)

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15.    B. Menn, S. Timsit, A. Represa, S. Mateos, G. Calothy and F. Lamballe. Spatio-temporal expression of non-catalytic TrkC NC2 isoform during early and late CNS neurogenesis: a comparative study with TrkC catalytic and p75NTR receptors. Eur. J. Neurosci. 12 (9): 3211-23 (2000)

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13.    A. Chalazonitis, T.P. Rothman, J.X. Chen, F. Lamballe, M. Barbacid and M.D. Gershon. Neurotrophin-3 induces neural crest-derived cells from fetal rat gut to develop in vitro as neurons or glia. J. Neuroscience 14(11): 6571-84 (1994)

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5.     R. Klein, V. Nanduri, S. Jing, F. Lamballe, P. Tapley, S. Bryant, C. Cordon-Cardo, K.R. Jones, L.F. Reichardt and M. Barbacid. The trkB tyrosine protein kinase is a receptor for brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neurotrophin-3. Cell 66(2): 395-403 (1991)

4.     C. Cordon-Cardo, P. Tapley, S. Jing, V. Nanduri, E. O'Rourke, F. Lamballe, K. Kovary, R. Klein, K.R. Jones, L.F. Reichardt and M. Barbacid. The trk tyrosine protein kinase mediates the mitogenic properties of nerve growth factor and neurotrophin-3. Cell 66(1): 173-83 (1991)

3.     F. Lamballe, C. Ribault, P.Y. Le Prise and J.C. David. dATP mediated inhibition of DNA ligase by 2' deoxycoformycin in T- and B-cell leukemia. Leukemia 3(2): 97-103 (1989)

2.     F. Lamballe, D. Maniey, M.Y. Boscher, R. Fauchet, P.Y. Le Prise and J.C. David. Effects of clinical associations of antileukemic drugs on DNA ligase from human thymocytes and normal, stimulated or leukemic lymphocytes. Leukemia 2(6): 363-70 (1988)

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Reviews and Chapters

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